Thursday, September 27 at 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

You may choose one of the following tracks. The pre-conference has a separate registration fee of $59.
The pre-conference will not be livestreamed.

Lies Couples Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

Blue Track
Room: Sagamore #3

Ray & Robyn McKelvy

Pastor, Writer, Speakers

Robert & Nancy Wolgemuth

Speakers & Writers

From the very beginning, our good, wise, loving Creator established the purpose, design, and plan for marriage. Starting with the first couple, Satan set out to sabotage that plan and undermine marriages, by whispering his lies. We’ll expose some of the lies many couples believe about marriage and explore the truth that counters those lies and breaks their power.

This track is designed for women who want to strengthen their marriage, are involved in ministering to other women, or just want to better understand God’s plan for marriage and be equipped to deal with the lies that would destroy it.

You’ll be challenged and encouraged by the wisdom, practical instruction, and informal interaction of these two couples.

(Note: The Wolgemuths will be participating in a portion of this session.)

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Firm Foundations in a
Gender-Fluid World

Red Track
Room: Sagamore #1

Jackie Hill Perry

Writer & Artist

Mary Kassian

Author & Speaker

Our culture is awash in confusion and conflicting viewpoints about sexuality. We all have friends or family members who are struggling with same-sex attraction, or who are confused about their gender identity. Voices all around us are teaching us that gender is a personal choice and that those who don’t affirm the prevailing cultural message are intolerant and hateful.

The world we live in leaves us asking many questions: What is God’s good plan for sex and sexuality? Why does it matter? How are we to think about these things? How are we to deal with our own struggles and temptations?

How do we teach our boys what it means to be a boy, and our girls what it means to be a girl? How can we engage with neighbors and colleagues on the topic of gender and sexuality? What is a compassionate and redemptive way of engaging with those who struggle with same-sex attraction—and with the increasing number of church-goers who are giving up on the Bible’s teaching on sex, gender, and marriage?

Explore these questions and more in this session with authors and speakers Mary Kassian and Jackie Hill Perry. Mary and Jackie have both written and spoken extensively on God’s design for gender. Jackie has also personally experienced the power of the Truth to set her free from lies about her own sexuality.

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Hope When It Hurts

Green Track
Room: Sagamore #2

Kristen Wetherell

Writer & Speaker

Sarah Walton

Writer & Speaker

Suffering is real. But so is hope. Join Kristen and Sarah as they invite you to see how God is caring for you, growing you, and even using you, in times of suffering. Because of Jesus, you can be full of realism about the hurts of life, yet overwhelmingly full of hope about the God who gives life.

I had not finished reading the introduction to this book before I was making a mental list of friends that I knew would find it a balm to their weary hearts. Kristen and Sarah minister to fellow travelers on the road of suffering, out of the resources they have received on their own journey, from the God of all comfort, grace, and hope.

~ Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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La Verdad te Hará Libre

Yellow Track – SOLD OUT
Room: #240–241

Laura González de Chávez

Esposa de Pastor & Conferencista

Betsy Gómez

Blogger & Speaker

Patricia de Saladín

Esposa de Pastor & Conferencista

Susi Bixby

Esposa de Pastor, Bloguera y Conferencista

Paulina Torres

Esposa de Pastor & Conferencista

    Una pre-conferencia para hispanas y por hispanas. El tema central será cómo la Palabra de Dios te hace libre para vivir en plenitud y abundancia. Acerquémonos juntas a la Verdad que nos liberta  para agradar a Dios y para vivir conforme a su diseño hermoso.​

    Contaremos con la participación de Laura González de Chávez, Patricia Saladín, Betsy Gómez, Susi Bixby y Paulina Torres.